The road to hell is paved with pepperoni

I love pepperoni.  Every Thursday is pizza night, an (admittedly frozen) pizza from the supermarket with extra pepperoni (added by my own fair hands) and extra cheese.  I dread to think how much fat is in it, but hey.  My wife has Salmon and rice while I’m stuffing my face, but that’s her choice and I do cook her some extra bits of pepperoni with cheese on since she likes it.  I don’t want her to feel completely left out…. Continue reading


Writing, Blogging and Blowouts

Well, I’m assuming I still have some readers otherwise this could be a very curious monologue.  Still, I’m still going to write it because it’s important (and you’ll see why later, why it’s so important).  It was 1st December 2012 I made my last post, so nearly twelve months have gone by.  Twelve interesting months.  And I use interesting in the most ironic sense.

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Missing : Elaine Harrison, can you help?

Yes, I know it’s been a long time.  There are good reasons for that and I’ll post an update I’ve been struggling with for the last couple of months, but I’ll tidy it up and post it tonight, it will go some way to explaining my absence.

Anyway, onto more serious events.  A friend of the family has gone missing in the Nottingham area.  Her name is Elaine Harrison and this is her picture



From Nottingham Evening Post :

CONCERNS are growing for a missing 59-year-old woman.


Elaine Harrison went missing from her boat on Monday afternoon, police said.


She was last seen on CCTV at 3.43pm on Monday walking past Pizza Hut towards Castle Boulevard.


It is believed she left her boat, The Water Gypsie, which is moored at Castle Marina, near The Water’s Edge pub at around 3pm.

She is white, 5ft 2in, and of a large build. She has grey collar length hair and was last seen wearing black trousers, black shoes and a waist length light green or beige coloured fleece jacket. She was carrying a white plastic bag.

Her son @AndyHarrison80 is sending requests for information and sending out regular updates on Twitter (and Facebook, but as you know, not a big fan).


If there is anything you can do to help or spread awareness that would be much appreciated.


Thanks everyone, and I will send out the other update later today 🙂




Someone is soooooo trying to tell me something!

So Monday I posted about how I’d been away etc and my intentions going forward.  Starting afresh, moving on, getting back to writing.  I had every intention of posting and writing on Wednesday.

And then Wednesday arrived, got to work about 9 and was prepared for the usual smattering of emails, project work and the day to day issues our users get.  Id have free time at lunch to do some writing.

The early afternoon arrived (no lunch break yet!) and everything went to hell, suffice it to say that I left work at 5am the following morning and was back in at 10:00 on Thursday right through until 6pm.

Needless to say opportunities for writing, reading, or frankly anything (including eating) was minimal from Wednesday onwards.

But today is a new day, I’ve managed to post here, reply to my messages and might get a chance to visit some blogs this evening.  Frankly though I’m expecting to look into the sky and see a comet about to land on the house because I’m seriously starting to think that someone is trying to tell me something!


Yes, I know.  I really do.  I’ve been away for what seems like an eternity.  But I’ve got a good excuse!

Actually, no I haven’t.  It’s unforgivable.  I feel like I’ve neglected my blog and that makes me sad.  And I’ll try not to do it again.  I’ve been taking a break from writing while I get the story completely straight in my head (or at least firmly crooked to quote Douglas Adams).  Not to mention the other things that have been going on such as work (and when doesn’t that get in the way), holidays (the next blog post), work and well, now Christmas.

So, for those of you who read religiously (are there any of you left?) here’s the current state of play……

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The Day The Bubble Burst

I got in my car for the hour drive home yesterday and started the engine.  Something was wrong, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.  I drove for a few miles periodically looking around but couldn’t work out what it was.  I was missing something, I knew that for sure.  I racked my brain and couldn’t think of anything I’d forgotten, the car felt okay so what was it?  Turning the radio off I listened but the car sounded fine so I turned the radio back on.

And then it hit me.

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50 Shades Of Opinion

Wherever you go, you can’t get away from it.  50 Shades Of Grey that is.   Everyone has an opinion, everyone’s talking about it – some positive, some negative.

During the Olympics opening ceremony my wife and I had a debate about it after someone had shown me sections at work.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t the sort of book I would ordinarily read, but at the same time I found it interesting that such a phenomenal amount of hype had been blown up around the book and we came to the conclusion it was like  Marmite – you either love it or hate it.

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The Olympics – The View From The Sofa

Now, I’ll be the first to admit (as would anyone who knows me) that I’m not exactly sporty.  That’s not to say I’m hugely overweight and just cabbage, more that I don’t particularly enjoy sport and never have.  I was the last person to be picked for sports at school and never particularly got involved in any of the teams or found a sport I particularly enjoyed.  I’m just not a physical person.

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Let’s play ditch, rewrite or edit!

Yes I know, I’m like a bus.  You wait ages for one and then three posts come along at once.  What can I say, I’m in a particularly ranty and chatty mood.  Make the most of it, I’ll probably disappear for the next two months.  Well, I’ll try not to, but you know how it is 🙂

Anyway, enough rambling.  I’ve been reading through the third book (again) and have decided once and for all that I hate bits of it.  Not hate in the same way that I hated Pterodactyl, but close.  Not all of it you understand, I still like the first couple of chapters, but everything after that doesn’t feel right.  I can’t quite explain it and it’s probably because I’ve spent so long doing other things and not writing, but somethings wrong.

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For fear of the F word (not that one….. F***book)

Just so you know, I started to write this post on the 15th June and have only just got round to publishing it, however, in that time some of the points I make have been verified in the national media.  So at least now I know, it’s not just me 🙂

I’ll be the first to admit it, and I don’t mind who knows,  I have an inherent distrust of Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong I know and understand that some people use it for good means where keeping in contact is difficult, however, the impression I have of Facebook through the people I know who use it is that it’s something that’s just there to sap as many hours as possible achieving absolutely nothing.

I also know that the day is rapidly approaching where I’m going to have to join if only to get a greater social networking exposure.

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