And it was all going so well (Or the case of the faulty digit)

As you know I’ve gone back to writing the third book in the trilogy and it’s been coming along pretty well.  I was up early this morning (5:30) and instead of doing a bit of writing which I normally would I decided to have a bit of a blast on Halo:Reach.  In that strange way that seems to happen with computer games before I knew it the time was just after 10.

We decided to do some DIY since we didn’t have the kids today, but we needed to go to a DIY store to pick up some stuff, so off we went and ended up buying some new flooring for one of the rooms in the house.  Not a problem, it’s a pretty square room, just the couple of doors to cut the laminate round.

So armed with the new super sharp laminate saw I started cutting the wood, slipped and went into my index finger.  Deep.  I swore.  Loudly.

My wife came in thinking I’d just mis cut the flooring but saw me standing there with my finger in my mouth.  When I removed it and she saw how deep it was and how much blood was flowing out she took me straight to the hospital where it was stitched and had a bandage put on it.  Then she banned me from doing anymore DIY for the day much to my annoyance, I really wanted to get at least that bit slotted in.

Anyway, due to the bandage (and pain) I need to try to keep the finger straight, but I’ve cut it right at the side of the knuckle, so when I type it tends to stay pointed upwards.  Now since I touch type that makes things a wee bit difficult, so as much as I’d like to keep working on the chapters full pelt it looks like it’s going to be slow going for a week or so.  Still, I’ve learnt four things today:

  • Sawing your finger deeply with a brand new sharp saw hurts.  A lot.  And bleeds on the floor.  A lot.
  • Typing with a digit ‘out of action’ is actually quite difficult if you touch type
  • Seriously slicing my finger gets me out of DIY for the day (your mileage may vary and I wouldn’t recommend it, don’t try this at home)
  • I don’t need that finger to play Halo:Reach

And the day started out so promising……




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