Floors, Rejections and Slippers

Well, three things happened today :

  • I finally got the floor laid without cutting off any more pieces of my body
  • I got my first rejection letter (well, email)
  • I absent-mindedly went to the shop in my slippers

Now two of these are quite important, the other was just dim (obviously the shop incident).

I guess you’re not overly interested in the floor (since this isn’t ‘Do DIY With W.Chaser – The Blog ‘ and what you really want to know is how I feel about the rejection email.  Well, relieved to be honest – it gets the first one out of the way, and I’m positive there will be more (not because I believe that the novel is rubbish, but from the research I’ve done it’s a fact of life).

Well, to say I’m relieved is actually only half-true, I kind of swing between relief and being disappointed – but I guess that’s natural.  Even though I know the chance of getting published is small there’s always that hope inside, and when you get that letter saying no you start to doubt yourself, I’ll wonder if it’s the synopsis or numerous other things that I did wrong.  Or whether in fact what I’ve written is just tosh and not suitable for mass market.

At least the rejection email came after a couple of weeks rather than dragging on for a couple of months, which is nice, and the tone of the letter was personal not just a plain ‘Thanks but no thanks’ so I’ll be dropping them a line to thank them for taking the time to read it, after all it doesn’t do any harm to just say thank you.

So what now?  Well, I carry on writing the third book and send the manuscript for the first off to another agent and see what the outcome of that is.  And then repeat the process.  Will I feel the same way when I get the second rejection email, or the third?  Probably, but after each one I can reflect on what I could have done better and improve my submissions.  Surely that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, having something that’s as close to perfect as I can make it.  And a bit of luck of course that what you’ve submitted is what they’re looking for.



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