Watching The World Among The Rides

Our kids had a day off school yesterday in lieu of the royal wedding, so we’d planned to take our son to Alton Towers.  Our daughter isn’t quite big enough yet, so we dropped her off at grandma and granddad’s on the way.  L tagged along as well to make up a foursome.

We went to Alton Towers for our wedding anniversary last year and our memories of it are how cool Sonic Spinball and Th13teen were, although since we stayed at the hotel and had early ride time last year we managed to pack a lot into our 2 days, and it wasn’t that busy on the first day we were there anyway (the second was busy, but you can’t have everything).  Anyway, it was surprisingly busy yesterday, but even so we managed to get on all the rides we wanted our son to try, and since this was his first experience of big rides (well, Sonic, Hex, Th13teen – he’s 3cm short of the really big stuff) that was good enough for us.

L and I did queue for Nemesis while SO took our son on the runaway mine train, but while we were waiting in the queue for Nemesis (which was about an hour) I was struck by what a fantastic place Alton Towers is for people watching (and obviously forming characters and reactions).  There seems to be every mix of people there imaginable, from the groups of lads watching every girl go by and swearing to the gaggle of screaming girls who looked like they regretted having front seats on Nemesis.  Add to that the dads/granddads/mums/grandmas who’ve clearly been dragged onto _________ (insert name of ride like Oblivion or Nemesis here) and are less than enamoured by the experience and you have some fantastic reactions, facial expressions and language.

Quotes of the day for me (from our son) :

Shouting ‘Good Lordy’ going down the first drop on Sonic Spinball (clearly having never seen such a big coaster at first hand, still it could have been worse on the language front)

and ‘That must have loads of squashed flies on the front’ while looking at Rita and how fast it sets off

All in all it was a great day and he enjoyed himself, and we did to.  We’ve booked a return ticket for later in the year just for the adults so we can go on the rides we didn’t get to do, and hopefully it’ll be a bit quieter, but if not I’ll try to remember to take my notepad this time, just so I can accurately capture the expression’s, phrases and people as the queues go by.


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