All work and no play……

Well, time for a catchup…….

As I’ve mentioned before I’m involved in a big project at work which involves the integration of another companies IT infrastructure into ours.  Unfortunately this means that a lot of the time I would usually spend writing such as evenings and weekends are spent planning or migrating servers.  Don’t get me wrong, we usually have at least one major project a year which swallows up my spare time, but in this case it’s a longer and more intense project which is spanning close to 3 months.  Sadly that’s part of the job, so any remaining time is spent with the family which is only fair.

In the meantime my wife has taken the kids down to Kent to visit a friend and I assumed this would allow me time to get some writing done.  Wrong.  We’re in the process of replacing the floors downstairs and I (foolishly some would say) decided to rip the kitchen floor up.  Obviously once this was done I needed to lay the new floor, so that was Monday evening and today gone since it took longer than anticipated.  I suspect that part of this was a ‘time swallowing’ exercise – writing wouldn’t work on that front since when I write my wife is generally next to me reading.  Some would say that’s a bit sad, but it was on Saturday that we realised that in 12 years of marriage we’ve never voluntarily spent a night apart – I’ve been to Hong Kong twice for a week at a time and the odd course, but they’re part of my job so don’t count.  I guess some would definitely say that’s sad.

That’s not to say that I haven’t done anything writing related.  Over the past week I’ve been revising the first three chapters (again) ready for submission to another agency.  I had originally thought that this would be a relatively simply job, however, having re-written substantial portions of it I’m now on yet another pass of the chapters and even now I’m making changes and tweaks – not as substantial as the previous revision, but enough to make it worthwhile.  This does beg the question though at what point will it be finished (again)?  Will it ever I guess is the bigger question!

The project goes on through September, so at least the end is in sight, and I have a week off at the end of August so hopefully I’ll get some time then to knuckle down and make good progress on the third book (which some of my test readers are demanding I finish – like now).  And of course I’ll be submitting the first book again soon so it’ll be another waiting game for a response.

As a slight aside, thanks to C.B. Wentworth for the post ‘I Write Like’ which was a really interesting site.   It’s odd having your writing compared to famous authors and different sections of my books are likened to H.G. Wells, Dan Brown and Arthur Conan Doyle amongst others.  Quite what this says about my writing style that it seems to change from chapter to chapter I don’t know, but anyway it was fun to have a look.  And just for a bit of fun verification I pumped some paragraphs from other authors books in and guess what – Stephanie Mayer writes like Stephanie Mayer (consistently) and the same for the couple of other books I tried, so it seems to be relatively accurate.


6 comments on “All work and no play……

  1. I tested I Write Like, too. I put in excerpts from David Foster Wallace and it consistently came up as DFW. I’m off to put in a selection from a short story I’ve been working on . . . I’m getting frustrated with it and I need a boost. Lol! 🙂 Thanks for the link!

  2. Is anything we write ever REALLY done? I think that it’s natural to keep going back and rewriting/changing, wanting to make it better somehow. Maybe you need to actively decide that it’s done so that you can move onto the next thing!

    • No, probably not. I think part of the process is a constant re-examination, little tweaks here, little tucks there. Since I’ve already had one rejection I guess I’m taking more time to go back and address the first book and sometimes I sit there and think ‘how could you believe that was ready’. I have to admit with everything thats going on at work it’s difficult to fit it in, but I’m persevering and this time it’s as good as it can be. Well, until next time 🙂

  3. Re-reading it I can see now why it comes across as funny, that wasn’t intended originally as I generally get 3 or 4 different answers depending on the paragraph, but as a side effect I’m quite happy with that 🙂 Glad it made you laugh and thanks for commenting.

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