Created Your e-Book? Let’s Get It On Amazon!

The process for publishing a piece of work on Amazon isn’t difficult.  It might look a little daunting when you first sign in to the site, but it’s all pretty straightforward.  As I published Shadow Ascension I took screenshots so that I could share the process with you.

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The End Is Nigh

Well, the end of January at any case, and that’s my target date for publishing my book on Amazon.  You might have already read the post on Formatting Books For Kindle so you’re probably aware I’m nearly there.  In advance of that I’ve updated the blog to include a Novels section which includes a description of the first book as well as a PDF of the first three chapters.  You’ve probably also noticed that I’ve changed the layout of the Blog as well since it needed a bit of a spruce up and now seemed a good time!

Here’s the cover for the first book

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapters and I’m sure it will provoke some comments, good or bad, but all are welcome!

Formatting Books For Kindle

As I’ve mentioned before, getting a standard document into a format that the Kindle can use properly (note the use of the word properly there) can be a little cumbersome.  Look on Google and there are 101 guides on how to do it, and each does something different.  The bottom line is that the process I use works, but so do many others – unfortunately due to the way Amazon have developed their toolset it’s pretty much mandatory that the source file is HTML before running the KindleGen utility and that’s what causes some of the issues.

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Fallen off a bike? Take the car…..

There’s an old adage about falling off a horse/bike/anything (delete as applicable) that if you fall off you should get back on and try again.  Eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Well, not wanting to conform I’d disagree with that.  Sometimes the best thing to do is decide not to bother with the bike/horse and take the car instead (it’s an analogy before anyone berates me for my CO2 emissions).

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