Subtext….. aka That’s Not What I Meant!

When I sit down and write I obviously know what I want to say.  It might take some tweaking during the editing and revision phases, but the intent is always obvious.  To me anyway.  That’s where it all falls down though and the next person that reads the book/paragraph/dialogue may leave with a totally different impression.  Some would argue that this is totally avoidable and that the fault is the writers.  Hmmmm.  I’m not convinced it’s that cut and dried.

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Awards Season

What seems like an eternity ago (but was only a couple of weeks) C.B.Wentworth passed on a couple of awards to me.  Unfortunately that coincided with a really busy period at work, coming down with what I can only describe as the cold from hell closely followed by the first campaign challenge.  Two weeks later I’ve still got the remnants of the cold and that’s a record (and it’s not just me either, my wife came down with it at the same time and is also only just getting over it, so it’s not just me being a man-wimp).  Now that everything has settled down though I can finally get around to accepting these kind awards.

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Tag, I’m It! Eleven Questions….. Three Times!

I’ve discovered a few things over the past few days while getting over this blasted cold.  First is that trying to do any writing while your sinuses are stuffed is pointless, I tried, oh how I tried but it was like some weird game of Chinese Whispers.  By the time whatever strange signals made their way down to the nerve endings in my fingers the characters in the book started behaving like other people and not themselves.  At that point I scratched what I’d written and gave up until my mental capacity returns to something higher than a brain damaged gerbil (though some would no doubt argue it’s never been higher than that).

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Sing Soft Kitty For Me……

Ive not been around for a few days as the mounting comments on the various posts and the lack of a response can atest!  This is mainly due to a few factors outside of my control….  I was in Milton Keynes again on Saturday where, unfortunately, my car decided it had an ‘engine fault’.  For the second time this week.  A fault that was supposed to be fixed last Wednesday (well, it was fixed for 3 days I guess).  Limping 130 miles home down the M1 at 50Mph is no fun at all!

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Writers’ Platform Building Campaign

While browsing another blog I came across a link to the Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign.  Under normal circumstances I’d probably have read it and moved on, believing it was a great idea but not for me.  But then something about this struck me – why is it not for me?  Surely this is what the internet is all about, and blogging as well of course.  Any opportunity to expand our online identities seems like a good idea, and as with all good ideas it will only succeed with support.

So I’ve signed up, and would encourage all like-minded people to as well.  At the very least it sounds like it’s going to be an eye opener 🙂

You’ve got to the 15th February to join.  See you there.