The Anatomy Of A Dedication – Oh, And Hello To Jason Isaacs

Pretty much every book I’ve ever read has a dedication page, and Shadow Ascension is no different.  A few lines below the obvious dedication to my wife and children though is a special dedication to Jason Isaacs.  So for those of you who are interested (anyone?) read on…..

I’m a regular, and avid, listener to the BBC Radio 5 podcast featuring Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode.  I have the podcasts going back years and still listen to some of the more hilarious ones (Pirates of the Caribbean 3 for instance which consisted of a 40 minute rant from Mark with Simon unable to get a word in edgeways).  Tagged ‘Wittertainment’ it’s a mix of movie reviews interspersed with Simon and Mark bickering like an old married couple.  Add into the mix Marks acerbic wit and downright hatred of 3D and Michael Bay and you can almost guarantee a fun time, especially if that particular week is one featuring the double bill of Kermode no-no’s – Transformers 3D.  Despite the fact we don’t get to the cinema that often it’s something I wouldn’t miss just for the banter

Anyway, back to the dedication, it reads :

For T, A and H.  The orbs of light who brighten my darkest days and fill the world with wonder.

So far so normal, these are clearly my wife and children and I’m thanking them using the theme of the book.  But a few lines below

Oh, and hello to Jason Isaacs.

Which is the bit many of you are probably struggling with.  As you probably know Jason Isaacs is a British Actor, in all likelihood you’ll know him as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.  Do I know him?  Nope.  Follow his work?  Nope.  Ever even met him? Nope.  Written to him?  Nope.  Stalked him?  Nope.

But every Friday myself and millions of other listeners around the country hear those familiar words from the Friday movie review – ‘And hello to Jason Isaacs’.  It’s a tradition (along with namechecks on Fairport Convention, Michael Caine, The Subways…. the list goes on).  And with this in mind I thought I’d print those immortal words for all posterity.  Why?  Well, why not?

So there you have it, the rather confusing dedication on the fourth page of my book explained.  And 48 seconds of time you probably wish you could get back 🙂


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