Awards Season

What seems like an eternity ago (but was only a couple of weeks) C.B.Wentworth passed on a couple of awards to me.  Unfortunately that coincided with a really busy period at work, coming down with what I can only describe as the cold from hell closely followed by the first campaign challenge.  Two weeks later I’ve still got the remnants of the cold and that’s a record (and it’s not just me either, my wife came down with it at the same time and is also only just getting over it, so it’s not just me being a man-wimp).  Now that everything has settled down though I can finally get around to accepting these kind awards.

So firstly I’d like to thank C.B. again for kindly passing the awards on.  I’ve never been given one before, and as I’ve said in a previous post I’m amazed and the number of bloggers out there that I never knew existed.  If Rachael Harrie’s campaign has done one thing it’s make me aware of that.  I also thought I’d use it as an opportunity to pass on the award to the bloggers that I’ve recently come to know as part of the campaign and the blogs that have particularly impressed me and drawn me in.

The first award was the Sunshine Award.

In order to claim the Sunshine Award here’s what I and the next lucky recipients need to do:

          1. Thank the person who gave you the award and provide a link.
          2. Write a post about it
          3. Answer the questions below.
          4. Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and let them know

Answer 10 Questions:

  1. Favorite color – Blue
  2. Favorite animal – White Tiger
  3. Favorite number – 7
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Coke Zero or Becks Blue (hey, it’s non-alcoholic!)
  5. Facebook or Twitter – Twitter
  6. My passion – Writing
  7. Getting or giving presents? – Giving
  8. Favorite pattern – No preference
  9. Favorite day of the week – Sunday
  10. Favorite flower – Rose

Which leads us onto the second award, the Kreativ Blogger award.

In order to claim the Kreativ Blogger Award here’s what I and the next lucky recipients need to do:

        1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
        2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
        3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

7 Interesting Things

  1. I was run over by a caravan when I was 8 (yes, I wasn’t run over by the car, just the caravan) and have a faint tyre track on my right leg as a result
  2. I used to do dog agility with my Whippet ‘Bonnie’
  3. My pen name is derived from my Xbox Live gamer tag
  4. I was accidentally shot in the face by an air rifle when I was 9 and have a dimple to prove it
  5. C.B.Wentworth who nominated me for this award was the first follower of my blog
  6. I started going grey at 16 (about 80% now, if my hair grows too long I look like a badger)
  7. I make a wicked Lemon Cheesecake (I swear you put on 2lb just being within 5 feet of it)

And that brings us onto my ten nominations.  No mean feat this and I have to admit I’ve favoured the new friends and bloggers I’ve met over the course of the past few weeks during the campaign.  So in no particular order, my nominations are

Life Is Good

Jessica K. McKendry

Once Upon A Time

My First Book

Traci Kenworth

Fresh As A Daisy

J.A. Bennett

Chandara Writes

Swimming In Words

The Golden Eagle’s Blog

Im not going to go into detail about each of the sites, each has their own particular characteristics, interest and merits.  Obviously this is subjective, so visit and let them know what you think.


20 comments on “Awards Season

  1. Thank you so much for the awards! I love your answer to the passion question – of course it’s writing, duh!
    Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I don’t use my wordpress blog. All it is, is a backup of my old blog posts. I have now referenced the correct site on my profile. Thanks again!

  2. Really? I was the first follower? Cool. 🙂 I loved your blog from the start and I still look forward to your posts. Keep them coming!

    Glad that Caravan didn’t get the best of you. What would the world do without you or your words?

    • Yep, and I remember how excited I was when I got the email that I had a follower 🙂
      I’m pretty sure though there are a fair few people who wish I would just shut up 🙂

    • I moved onto CZ from full fat coke and lost several pounds over a couple of weeks! You don’t realise how much sugar is in the stuff, it’s frightening. From memory a can is like 40% of the recommended sugar intake! Took a few days of getting used to it, but if I have regular coke now it’s so sweet it’s almost unpleasant!

  3. Thank you for the awards! *_*


    I make a wicked Lemon Cheesecake (I swear you put on 2lb just being within 5 feet of it)

    You’ll have to take a picture and post for all to see next time you make one. Although, that’ll just make me suffer I suppose. *Sigh* Love lemon cheesecake ❤

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