The Road To Hell…..

is, as the saying goes, paved with good intentions.  Not that I think I’m going to hell for not doing any updates for a while mind you, but even so.  Unfortunately life gets in the way, or as is more commonly the case my ‘real’ job.

Several weeks ago I got a phone call on Saturday, which doesn’t happen very often so I instantly know it’s a problem.  Power failure at one of our data centre’s.  Okay, fine thought I expecting to just wait until the power came back on, it’ll be fine the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) will take over, job done.  Except it was the UPS that caused the failure and the site was dark.

Irony at it’s finest, uninterruptable power supply that interrupted the power…..

Anyway, long story short one of the systems there stubbornly refused to work properly regardless of what we did and I’ve been sorting that out for a couple of weeks.  Add to that editing the second book (yes, still) and other family commitments and it’s been a very busy month.  Most evenings for that month I’ve been doing at least some work so time has been short for everything else.  My old boss used to ask after any major crisis ‘did anyone die?’ which was his way of saying that whilst it may be inconvenient and may cause hassle it’s not the end of the world.

We told the kids a couple of weeks ago that we were going to Florida in October.  Initially we weren’t going to tell them, but they’d started asking questions about where we were going on holiday this year and planning extravagant parties for their birthdays so since we were in the process of planning the special meals we’d have while we were there (Cinderella’s Royal Table etc) we decided to let them know.  Boy was there some jubilation in our house that day 🙂

Anyway, back to the writing stuff.  As with editing the first book it never ceases to amaze me how many mistakes I find when I’m working through, even after three complete read through it’s still got some weird errors in there.  You know the sort, the ones that make you go ‘eh?’ when you read them back.  That’s half the fun I guess and this time I’m working through it at no more than a chapter a day and that seems to be working well.  It’s 80% edited now, so by the end of the bank holidays it should be ready for that last final read through on the Kindle.

Since I’m nearing the point of publishing I’ve taken the photo for the cover which has my son standing in for one of the characters, something that he’s excited about.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not identifiable in the photo, but he’s still excited none the less.

Talking of which, I have to compliment Amazon on their customer service (twice actually, but one’s not relevant).  My wife’s Kindle developed a hairline crack in the corner of the case radiating out from the screen in a diagonal.  It’s never been dropped and is always kept in its case so we knew that wasn’t the cause.

Despite it being out of warranty she rang Amazon and they arranged a replacement there and then.  Where else do you get customer service like that?

So there you go, a quick update on life in general, and hopefully everything will settle down.  I hope so otherwise I may just go mad!


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