The big 2K

Don’t get too excited, I’m talking about blog hits.  Sometime in the middle of the night my 2,000th hit took place, I don’t know who it was, but I woke up this morning to it.  Yeah, in the grand scale of things (and other blogs) this is a minor achievement, but you know what it made me smile and made my day.

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Does Cover Art Make Much Difference (Part Two)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about cover art and whether it makes much difference (here).  So after changing the cover art and putting the book up for free I can finally reveal the answer to the question.

If you can’t be bothered to read the rest of the post then the answer is no.   If you’re bored, a masochist or just plain curious about what this slightly weird blogger/writer is going on about and his undoubtedly wrong conclusions are then read on.

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What if your book characters could interview you?

Yeah, slightly off the peg I know, but when I was driving home from Leeds I was being badgered by the lead character, Sam.  Never one to refuse an opportunity for (a) ridicule and (b) expanding my horizons I decided to try a little experiment.  So here we have the interview that played out in my head…… 🙂

Sam Johnson : Thanks for taking time out to answer my questions
W. Chaser  : No problem.  No holds barred policy here.  I can’t guarantee to answer every question, but I’ll try.

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Does Cover Art Make Much Difference (Part One)

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with someone in the office who’d remarked that they didn’t like my first book cover, that it didn’t ‘fit’ with the story.  Well, fair enough, not a lot you can say to that.  But it kind of got me thinking about whether a book cover actually does make people buy a book.  Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll find those that argue it does and those that argue it doesn’t, so to try to gauge one way or another I’ve completely changed the cover of the first book.

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Retribution Is Complete

Now, before you get too worried, ‘Shadow Retribution’ is the name of my second book so you can rest easy that I haven’t gone and done something bad to anyone else.

It’s taken close to 6 months to completely edit, rewrite, re-read, re-edit, re-read and ‘fix’ all of the grammatical and spelling errors, but it’s now finished, and after reading it so many times I can definitely say that if I never read it again I won’t be sorry.  Actually that’s a bit of a porky but you get the gist.  If you’re interested the first three chapters are on the novels page and it’s currently under ‘review’ by Amazon prior to publishing.

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Once Upon A Time…..

My wife and I recently finished watching the series ‘Once Upon A Time’.  Personally I think it’s one of the best things I’ve watched in a long time and would likely make it into my top 5 all time faves.

What I found most interesting though was how the writers had taken well trodden material and changed it into something that brought a new and fresh twist on the Disney fairytales and books that many of us will be familiar with (and before Im corrected I know Disney took in most cases existing stories, but let’s face it they pretty much propelled the characters to the status they are).

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