Retribution Is Complete

Now, before you get too worried, ‘Shadow Retribution’ is the name of my second book so you can rest easy that I haven’t gone and done something bad to anyone else.

It’s taken close to 6 months to completely edit, rewrite, re-read, re-edit, re-read and ‘fix’ all of the grammatical and spelling errors, but it’s now finished, and after reading it so many times I can definitely say that if I never read it again I won’t be sorry.  Actually that’s a bit of a porky but you get the gist.  If you’re interested the first three chapters are on the novels page and it’s currently under ‘review’ by Amazon prior to publishing.

I learned the lessons from my first book in terms of editing, it wasn’t such a chore this time since I broke it down into no more than a handful of pages a day and worked through those.  That seemed to work for me even though the amount of time it took to edit the book seems to have crossed decades.  Last readthrough was completed a couple of  nights ago in Kindle format so I can see exactly how it looks when published.

I’d already decided on the cover image, and my son is featured on the front.  It took a little while to get this image how I wanted it, I had a clear picture in my mind of exactly what I wanted, but I’m no graphic artist so it’s been a tad frustrating.  Still I’m happy with it now and I know he’s pretty chuffed that he’s on the cover of a book, even if it is a self-published one.  That shouldn’t of course make any difference and I’ve maintained all along that I’ve done this because I wanted to and not for any other reason.

Right, nose to the grindstone, it’s time to finish book three.  I already have the first 50 pages sorted (including the ending) so it’s time to dust off the old fingers and get back to work, hopefully this time my ‘real job’ won’t spend so much time interfering  🙂


6 comments on “Retribution Is Complete

  1. Hahaha I know what you mean with never wanting to look at your book again! I’ve been editing my novel (soon to be self-published, thank GOD) for SIX years, no joke, and I feel like if I hear the phrase “you need to change this sentence”, I will probably scream. That being said, I’m really excited to join the ranks of self-published authors such as yourself 🙂 Best of luck with book three!

    • I know what you mean, after a while I took on board what people said, but didn’t necessarily change things based on what they said. At the end of the day it’s me that has to be happy with it 🙂

      Good luck with publishing!

    • Yeah, he was pretty chuffed too. He’s the right age for one of the characters so it worked. Problem is my daughter will probably complain at some point so I’ve got to try and find a way to incorporate her but she’s too young for any of the characters. Creative thinking might be necessary 🙂

  2. Yep, it’s an option. Both kids have characters in the books (in terms of names, the characters themselves aren’t based on them) but I guess I could add another character, might need to think about that one some more though, either that or artificially age her a bit in photoshop 🙂

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