Now, where in my mind did I put that book?

I have to admit, I’m struggling.  After publishing Shadow Retribution I picked up the third book (50 pages done, 15K words) and read through it again, sat down, started a new chapter and……

Nothing. Zippo, zilch, nada, big fat zero.  I wrote a couple of paragraphs.  I deleted them.  I wrote another couple.  Deleted them.

Somethings not right, somethings just not clicking.  I don’t know whether it’s what I’ve written so far or the fact that I’ve spent so long editing the second book that I’ve kind of lost the thread, inspiration or whatever you want to call it.

I suspect I need to go right back to base 1 (actually Chapter 3, I really love chapters 1 and 2), delete everything I’ve done and start afresh, get back into the flow and keep going.  With a lot of the distractions I’ve had over the past few months now out of the way it should be easier to get a clean run with little to distract me but I’m nervous.  I know what the story looks like (as a fuzzy sort of thing in my head, if you know what I mean).  I know what needs to happen, I know what order it needs to happen in, but I just can’t get it out on paper (or e-ink I guess 🙂  ).

So I guess I need one of two things, either inspiration of some description or a slap.  I’m guessing there would be no shortage of volunteers to dispense the latter, but I’m figuring the former would be more useful.

Now, off to see if I can find that inspiration 🙂



7 comments on “Now, where in my mind did I put that book?

    • I might give that a go, either that or start a chapter in the middle or towards the end of the book so that it’s completely unrelated. I did that with the first 2 books and it worked quite well. The other options the bath of course, I started writing in the bath (laptop propped on the edge – I know, it’s a gruesome thought :-)), so perhaps I need to go back to my ‘roots’ 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m sure it’s just temporary. One of my colleagues is reading the second book (his daughter was one of my beta readers) and he’s keen ‘I get a move on’!

    • It’s one of the things I struggle with most I think. You can go on for days writing page after page and then suddenly – nothing! It’s just frustrating! I’m pretty sure it’s down to not having done much writing while I’ve been editing (hey, I’m a bloke, I can’t multitask :-))

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