A New Nemesis

Not so much a writing post (well, kind of but mainly not!), but I thought I’d share with you my experiences over the weekend.

Friday was the last day of term and our daughter was awarded ‘Child Of The Year’ for her class which we’re very proud of.  She works hard and unlike our son who seems to remember things like spellings after the first attempt she has to work at it and she’s been working at it all year.  I’m proud of both of them, but since my daughter was upset on Wednesday because she thought she was ‘stupid’ it was nice that the award came right on the back of her upset.  She wasn’t aware she was getting it until her name was called out and the sense of achievement on her face was fantastic to see and I’m glad I took the afternoon off to see it.

On Sunday we went to the Flamingo Land theme park which we visit quite regularly as we’re season ticket holders.  Over the past couple of months they’ve been building a new ride called Pterodactyl and while I’ve mentioned before my abject hatred and fear of heights I now know that this ride is my new nemesis.  When I need to think of fear this is what I’ll think of.

The day started out quite well since we arrived and Pterodactyl was ‘undergoing maintenance’.  Phew.  The kids had seen the ride on the internet and wanted to ride it, much to my wife and I’s disdain.  Unfortunately the ride opened later in the day so we were dragged almost kicking and screaming into the queue.  Looking up at the swing ride, multiple arms with a 2 seat gondola on each held on by 4 chains and rising to 150 feet I knew that this would be one of the most worrisome experiences of my life and I had to admit I nearly bottled it, but before I had time to contemplate further we were at the front of the queue and buckling ourselves into the ride.

Anyway, just so you know what I’m talking about, here’s a video that shows the ride in action

Now I’m not a wuss, I love rollercoasters, I just don’t like heights.  To make matters slightly more amusing my son (whose hand I’d grabbed as we went up!) was issuing encouraging words about the experience and telling me it was alright and to relax!  Apparently at the age of nearly 10 you know no fear.  I have to admit though this was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and one that I won’t be in a hurry to repeat.  Given that our daughter is nearly seven and spent the entire ride with her arms in the air I have to take my hat off to both of them, they wouldn’t take no for an answer and were determined to go on this horror of a ride.  Undaunted by this new experience though she decided that this wasn’t enough and that she was going to then ride the Guinness World Record holding Mumbo Jumbo (World’s steepest rollercoaster).  I like MJ and this was a walk in the park after the terror of Pterodactyl!

So from now on when I need to invoke terror in a character I know exactly what to think of, or alternatively I’ll just take my laptop with me and sit underneath gazing up at the steel monster of terror that is Pterodactyl safe in the knowledge that my feet are planted firmly on terra firma.  Well, until the kids decide they want to terrorise me again.


2 comments on “A New Nemesis

  1. The fear of heights is nothing to sneeze at! I’m glad you will be able to use the emotion in a story at some point. Despite a terrifying experience, it will help you in future. 🙂

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