The road to hell is paved with pepperoni

I love pepperoni.  Every Thursday is pizza night, an (admittedly frozen) pizza from the supermarket with extra pepperoni (added by my own fair hands) and extra cheese.  I dread to think how much fat is in it, but hey.  My wife has Salmon and rice while I’m stuffing my face, but that’s her choice and I do cook her some extra bits of pepperoni with cheese on since she likes it.  I don’t want her to feel completely left out….

Anyway, last week we decided to have a ‘how much pizza can you eat’ competition at Pizza Hut.  Bets were duly laid on and off we went to the Pizza Hut all you can eat buffet.  My previous record was 18 pieces (and salad, well, you have to make sure you eat at least something that’s good for you!) and I was pretty confident that wouldn’t be beaten.  While there were 10 of us that descended on Pizza Hut there were only 3 of us that had entered the competition.

So we settled down and ate.  And ate.  Each of us had a ‘counter’ that was responsible for making sure there was no cheating.

The first ten slices slipped down well, and at least there was a reasonable amount of choice in the pizza’s they had out.  Im not sure that the cook there was quite expecting to have to cook so many pizzas, especially since there were only us 10 and 4 other people in that lunchtime.

One of the competition dropped out at slice 10.  Lightweight.

So on we trundled, me and my cheese baked brother in arms.  Slice 20 duly came and went (yeah, smashed the record) and still we went on.  I generally stayed 2 slices ahead of the competition although there were a couple of times we were on level pegging.

So, the grand tally?  32 slices (and salad).  Yes, I won – by a whisker and Im not sure that if we hadnt had more time my competitor would have caught up again (he finished on 30).  I suspect I could have made it to 35 if I’d really pushed it.  I’d just like to point out that I weigh just under 13 stone and am a size 34″ waist.

Do not try this at home.  I worked out I’d had in the region of 11,000 calories at lunchtime (no, I didn’t have evening dinner) and Im sure they would have chucked us out anyway since by the time we left we worked out that between the three competitors we’d eaten around 7 complete pizzas, plus another 3 or so for the other people that were with us.

And dinner on Friday night when the kids were away at Grandma and Grandads?  Well, OH fancied pizza and it was nice to be able to actually savour it……


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