Shadow Ascension

Book one of the Shadow Chronicles

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle in January 2012

For centuries the world has been slipping into darkness, suffocated by hatred and pain, terrorism and war.  Something must be behind this slide into an age of evil, something unseen, something dark.

With her thirteenth birthday just around the corner Sam Johnson cares nothing for what’s happening in the world, content with just leading a normal life and blending into the background, happy being plain old Sam.  But then the nightmares begin,  dreams of an ancient evil, a strange darkness intent on destroying her.  Nightmares that haunt her long after waking.

Sam will soon discover she is a Light Caster, one of only a handful engaged in a war going back millennia against the darkness and those determined to spread chaos, the foot soldiers of the darkness known as Emissaries. The strange birthday gift she receives opens her eyes to a world being orchestrated around her, and the place she holds in this never ending battle.

As her abilities grow wildly out of control Sam has to try and master them before someone is seriously hurt. But only when she learns the dark secret her mentor is hiding does she come face to face with the true suffering her gift could bring and the realisation her nightmares may merely be premonitions of what is to come.

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Shadow Retribution

Book two of the Shadow Chronicles

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle

Nothing stays the same, everything changes sooner or later.  Sam knew there would be some sort of retaliation for her confrontation with Nessa, but she never dreamed they would go that far.  Never dreamed those close to her would be targeted in such a brutal way.

As she recovers from a near fatal accident her life is thrown into turmoil, things are changing, abilities are manifesting themselves that no-one ever anticipated.

But as James finally discovers the truth about his sister, the realisation that they are part of a larger more devious plan becomes evident, but can Sam stop what is happening and prevent her brother from being destroyed?

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Download the Sample Chapters of Shadow Retribution

Omnibus Edition

Buy both books together in the omnibus edition at a discounted price.

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