Has it really been 10 days since my last post?  Well, yes, I know that since I can see the date on each one but the last 10 days just seem to have flown.  Works been crazy at the moment and due to a couple of other distractions, football tournaments, ballet show prep and other stuff I’ve not had a lot of chance to write anything for a while, novel or otherwise.

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Everybody Loves Laura

One of the things I heard regularly when my proof readers (test subjects?  torture victims?) got hold of the first book was ‘I love Laura’.  Laura is one of the main characters in the books, although not the main character, but everyone commented on how much they liked her.  One of them even suggested they would be less than impressed if I killed Laura off.  Now whether I had that design for Laura or not only I know, but since that person was my mum I kind of figured it would be rude to do it anyway.

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The first 30 pages

As I said in the first post I knocked out the first 30 pages of the story and handed it proudly to my wife. When I’d originally said to her I was going to write a book she kind of looked at me with a quizzical expression, and understandably so. If roles had been reversed I’d have probably thought she was mad.

Given that I’d never expressed any interest in doing something like that it was probably a justified reaction.

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