For fear of the F word (not that one….. F***book)

Just so you know, I started to write this post on the 15th June and have only just got round to publishing it, however, in that time some of the points I make have been verified in the national media.¬† So at least now I know, it’s not just me ūüôā

I’ll be the first to admit it, and I don’t mind who knows,¬† I have an inherent distrust of Facebook.¬† Don’t get me wrong I know and understand that some people use it for good means where keeping in contact is difficult, however,¬†the impression I have of Facebook through the people I know who use it is that it’s¬†something that’s just there to sap as many hours as¬†possible achieving absolutely nothing.

I also know that the day is rapidly approaching where I’m going to have to join if only to get a greater social networking exposure.

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Now, where in my mind did I put that book?

I have to admit, I’m struggling.¬† After publishing Shadow Retribution I picked up the third book (50 pages done, 15K words) and read through it again, sat down, started a new chapter and……

Nothing. Zippo, zilch, nada, big fat zero.  I wrote a couple of paragraphs.  I deleted them.  I wrote another couple.  Deleted them.

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The Road To Hell…..

is, as the saying goes, paved with good intentions.¬† Not that I think I’m going to hell for not doing any updates for a while mind you, but even so.¬† Unfortunately life gets in the way, or as is more commonly the case my ‘real’ job.

Several weeks ago I got a phone call on Saturday, which doesn’t happen very often so I instantly know it’s a problem.¬† Power failure at one of our data centre’s.¬† Okay, fine thought I expecting to just wait until the power came back on, it’ll be fine the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) will take over, job done.¬† Except it was the UPS that caused the failure and the site was dark.

Irony at it’s finest,¬†uninterruptable power supply that interrupted the power…..

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Sing Soft Kitty For Me……

Ive¬†not been around for a few days as the mounting comments on the various posts and the lack of a response can atest!¬† This is mainly due to a few factors outside of my control….¬† I was in Milton Keynes again on Saturday where, unfortunately, my car decided it had an ‘engine¬†fault’.¬† For the second time this week.¬† A fault that was supposed to be fixed last Wednesday (well, it was fixed for 3 days I guess).¬† Limping 130 miles home down the M1¬†at 50Mph¬†is no fun at all!

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Writing…. Relaxing? Pah!

Well, as Mark Twain said, reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.¬† Well, not so much my death but the fact that I shamefully haven’t done any updates for quite a while.¬† For that I apologise.¬† I seriously admire those bloggers who can submit new posts multiple times a week, not just that but actually have something interesting to say.

I’ll try to be better.¬† Promise.

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