Does Cover Art Make Much Difference (Part Two)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about cover art and whether it makes much difference (here).  So after changing the cover art and putting the book up for free I can finally reveal the answer to the question.

If you can’t be bothered to read the rest of the post then the answer is no.   If you’re bored, a masochist or just plain curious about what this slightly weird blogger/writer is going on about and his undoubtedly wrong conclusions are then read on.

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What do you mean I can’t have it for free?

Rant Alert!

While I was in the office today one of my colleagues asked if they could get hold of my book.

‘Sure’ I replied ‘It’s on Amazon.  I write under the pen name of W.Chaser’

‘It’s £1.66.  I’m not paying that, can I have a copy for free?’

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Does Cover Art Make Much Difference (Part One)

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with someone in the office who’d remarked that they didn’t like my first book cover, that it didn’t ‘fit’ with the story.  Well, fair enough, not a lot you can say to that.  But it kind of got me thinking about whether a book cover actually does make people buy a book.  Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll find those that argue it does and those that argue it doesn’t, so to try to gauge one way or another I’ve completely changed the cover of the first book.

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Retribution Is Complete

Now, before you get too worried, ‘Shadow Retribution’ is the name of my second book so you can rest easy that I haven’t gone and done something bad to anyone else.

It’s taken close to 6 months to completely edit, rewrite, re-read, re-edit, re-read and ‘fix’ all of the grammatical and spelling errors, but it’s now finished, and after reading it so many times I can definitely say that if I never read it again I won’t be sorry.  Actually that’s a bit of a porky but you get the gist.  If you’re interested the first three chapters are on the novels page and it’s currently under ‘review’ by Amazon prior to publishing.

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The Road To Hell…..

is, as the saying goes, paved with good intentions.  Not that I think I’m going to hell for not doing any updates for a while mind you, but even so.  Unfortunately life gets in the way, or as is more commonly the case my ‘real’ job.

Several weeks ago I got a phone call on Saturday, which doesn’t happen very often so I instantly know it’s a problem.  Power failure at one of our data centre’s.  Okay, fine thought I expecting to just wait until the power came back on, it’ll be fine the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) will take over, job done.  Except it was the UPS that caused the failure and the site was dark.

Irony at it’s finest, uninterruptable power supply that interrupted the power…..

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Birthday Treats

Ah, the end of another week, but this one is also the end of another year 🙂  It’s been relatively quiet this week which is an added bonus since it’s my birthday on Saturday.  Yes, I’ve managed to reach 43 and it only seems a year ago that I was 42.  Odd that.

Anyway, since it’s my birthday and I’m a giving kind of guy I’ll be putting my first novel ‘Shadow Ascension’ on promotion (as in free) for Friday and Saturday.  Kind of a reverse birthday gift!  You’ll find the links on the Novels page, so if you want to help me celebrate feel free to download a copy for your Kindle (and post a review on Amazon if you think it’s worth it!).  Amazon change the price around 00:00 PST/08:00 GMT but it sometimes takes a little while to filter through.

Right – now where did I put the cake 🙂

The End Is Nigh

Well, the end of January at any case, and that’s my target date for publishing my book on Amazon.  You might have already read the post on Formatting Books For Kindle so you’re probably aware I’m nearly there.  In advance of that I’ve updated the blog to include a Novels section which includes a description of the first book as well as a PDF of the first three chapters.  You’ve probably also noticed that I’ve changed the layout of the Blog as well since it needed a bit of a spruce up and now seemed a good time!

Here’s the cover for the first book

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapters and I’m sure it will provoke some comments, good or bad, but all are welcome!

Formatting Books For Kindle

As I’ve mentioned before, getting a standard document into a format that the Kindle can use properly (note the use of the word properly there) can be a little cumbersome.  Look on Google and there are 101 guides on how to do it, and each does something different.  The bottom line is that the process I use works, but so do many others – unfortunately due to the way Amazon have developed their toolset it’s pretty much mandatory that the source file is HTML before running the KindleGen utility and that’s what causes some of the issues.

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Game Changer – The Kindle Effect

Despite my previous rant about e-book pricing even I acknowledge that the Kindle is a game changer.  Not the e-book reader in general, the Kindle – it’s pretty much single-handedly responsible for the acceptance and take up of ebooks and e-book readers.  Is that going too far?  No.  And I’ll explain why and what impact it could have on people like me who write as a hobby.

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