Fallen off a bike? Take the car…..

There’s an old adage about falling off a horse/bike/anything (delete as applicable) that if you fall off you should get back on and try again.  Eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Well, not wanting to conform I’d disagree with that.  Sometimes the best thing to do is decide not to bother with the bike/horse and take the car instead (it’s an analogy before anyone berates me for my CO2 emissions).

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Game Changer – The Kindle Effect

Despite my previous rant about e-book pricing even I acknowledge that the Kindle is a game changer.  Not the e-book reader in general, the Kindle – it’s pretty much single-handedly responsible for the acceptance and take up of ebooks and e-book readers.  Is that going too far?  No.  And I’ll explain why and what impact it could have on people like me who write as a hobby.

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The Never Ending Story…..

As you know I’m revising the first book again, polishing it, changing bits around and making it ready for submission again.  In a previous post there was a comment from a reader that suggested at some point you just have to actively decide it’s ready.  The problem is I’m not sure it ever is (as the same commentor also acknowledges).  Not really.  We might say at some point ‘it’s as good as it can be’, however, writing another 30 pages of another chapter brings with it more experience and when you go back and read the previous sections you find – well, that it isn’t ready.

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