Fallen off a bike? Take the car…..

There’s an old adage about falling off a horse/bike/anything (delete as applicable) that if you fall off you should get back on and try again.  Eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Well, not wanting to conform I’d disagree with that.  Sometimes the best thing to do is decide not to bother with the bike/horse and take the car instead (it’s an analogy before anyone berates me for my CO2 emissions).

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350 to 2

One of the most difficult things we had to do before submitting the book to an agent was writing the synopsis.  Most agents want this in no more than 2 pages, so in my case this meant compressing a 350 page/93000 word novel down to 2 pages.  There is an abundance of advice on the Internet for how best to go about writing a synopsis, but everyone seems to have their own take on it.  Do you do it on a chapter by chapter basis (ie: In chapter 1 Sam…..) or do you do it in a more casual style taking in most of the major plot points, including any twists in the story.  One thing everyone seems to agree on though is that it’s probably the most important thing that you can write and you should spend a considerable amount of time perfecting it.  If an agent doesn’t like the synopsis they aren’t going to read the three or four chapters that you submit (or it’s unlikely they will at any rate).

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